Brooke Amelia Peterson

It has not exactly been a good week for Brooke Amelia Peterson. Her father was fired because she showed the iPhone X.

Brooke Amelia Peterson is a young YouTube enthusiast. Bt maybe not anymore. She used to film her everyday life, and when her father, an Apple Employee, took her to the 1 Infinite Loop (Apple HQ), well, she filmed it and put it on YouTube.

Sadly for her father, who worked on the (then) top secret iPhone X, the phone appears in the video and shows key features (control center, emojis). And Apple generally prohibits filming on its campus. So that’s two rules the father broke.

Brooke Amelia Peterson took the video down as soon as Apple told her to, but it was too late and her father was indeed fired. The video had gone viral just days before the big release of the iPhone X.

Here is the original video that she took down

Brooke Amelia Peterson then went to explain what happened in another video, saying she had « no idea » that her actions were in violation of company policy.