Viral video shows a Wasp cutting a Bee in half

In a fight between a bee and wasp, a wasp is more likely to win. Here is how.

The video has gone viral. It shows a bee being cut in half by a very strong wasp. With its scissor-like jaws, the wasp slices open the bee’s abdomen. But the bee carried on living (for a short period of time, we believe).

In the video, the wasp seems very cruel, but James Carpenter, from the American Museum of Natural History in New York said the wasp’s behaviour might actually be for a good cause.. for the wasp.

« Social wasps cut up prey to make it transportable. Indeed, sometimes they chew it up into a food ball, getting rid of the appendages », he told Live Science. So the wasp probably went back to get the rest of the body.

Watch the video below