Med student stuck in elevator before first surgery tells his tale on snapchat

Joseph, a medical student at Mon General Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, got stuck in an elevator for an hour. And shared it all on Snapchat.

Being a young surgeon is hard enough. But being stuck in an elevator right before first surgery is something else. This is what happened to Joseph, and he shared it all on Snapchat. ‘Day 1, Minute 10,’ he wrote. ‘Is this what hell feels like?’ he first shared.

‘If someone else was on here with me, I would have already resorted to cannibalism,’ he joked 15 minutes in, then was thinking about ‘MacGyvering my way through the ceiling’ and started calling his laptop Wilson, just like the ball in Castaway, the movie starring Tom Hanks.

He was finally saved by two maintenance workers, who opened the doors after 60 minutes. ‘I’m saved!’ he wrote. ‘I must now reintegrate into society. ‘But I’ve been so long without human contact. Will I even remember how to speak? How to love?’. The whole story is here.