Viral video shows a Wasp cutting a Bee in half

Viral video shows a Wasp cutting a Bee in half

In a fight between a bee and wasp, a wasp is more likely to win. Here is how. The video has gone viral. It shows a bee being cut in half by a very strong wasp. With its scissor-like jaws, the wasp slices open the bee’s abdomen. But the bee carried on living (for a short […]

Med student stuck in elevator before first surgery tells his tale on snapchat

Med student stuck in elevator before first surgery tells his tale on snapchat

Joseph, a medical student at Mon General Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, got stuck in an elevator for an hour. And shared it all on Snapchat.

Seven Earth-Sized Worlds near TRAPPIST-1

Nasa has found some earth-sized worlds… with possible Life

It’s probably one of the most important discovery of the last few years. Nasa announced the finding of Seven Earth-Sized Worlds near TRAPPIST-1, a dwarf star that is 8 percent the mass of our Sun. Michaël Gillon of the University of Liège in Belgium, published a paper about the incredible discovery in Nature. The discovery was made […]

When you fly in Economy class, flight attendants and pilots sleep in… beds

Think planes are full and there’s actually no room left for your legs, arms or head ? Well think again, the crew has a nice secret area where they can rest like normal human beings during long flights… they can sleep lying down, not sitting down like the rest of us. Here is this secret […]

VIDEO. That bear loves taking baths

Oregon Zoo has published yet another video of a bear doing human things. This time, it’s the bear named Takoda who enjoys taking a bath, as would your sister, mother or wife (or you). In a related video, here is a family of bear enjoying some human family’s pool

VIDEO. That Bar Refaeli commercial is too sexy for TV

Bar Refaeli Hoodies clothing line has made a new advert, but it wont be shown on israeli TV. At least, not in that way. But you can see it below

VIDEO. Obama’s last speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner is History

Barack Obama is ready to rival Jerry Seinfeld and other stand up acts. For a few months now, the US president has been more of an entertainer than a leader. With this last speech at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, he made jokes about Donald Trump and other stuff that you can watch below.


VIDEO. Short Sighted? Now you can see (briefly) without glasses !

Here is a simple solution for when you’re forgotten to bring your glasses somewhere, if you are Short Sighted. We tried it, and it definitely works.

Life before and after Coffee

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you know, you just know you can’t live without it. Here is a before and after taking coffee.

VIDEO. Do girls really like bad boys ?

Here is the answer of girls studying at the very serious UCLA.

VIDEO. The weird Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apology to Australia

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have issued an apology for failing to declare their two Yorkshire terriers properly when entering Australia last year. They avoided jail in Australia, thanx to that video. It was published on the official YouTube channel Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources « Australia has very strict biosecurity laws to protect the […]


PHOTO. this « Plus size » model girl perfect rant against critics

This is Iskra, 25, from Worcestershire. She is the face of the body-positive Aerie Real ads, which use un-retouched images and models of all shapes and sizes. she is considered a « plus size » model in the modeling world, because of her size 14. Last week, she shared a comment she’d received on Instagram. ‘Fat cow,’ the man […]

Steve Jobs

VIDEO. Should you procrastinate to be more creative ?

the short answer is yes, but not all the time, and only if necessary. Wharton School of Business professor Adam Grant explains in his new book, « Originals » how procrastination can sometimes be a helpful tool.  

Here’s how to get release your anger about Trump

Donald Trump has many supporters, but also many many people who don’t want to see him become the next US president. If you feel the need to make your voice matter, you can protest or just go to and trumpet in his ears and make his wig move.  

The worst most used passwords of 2015

Well, if you still have 123456 as password in 2015 / 2016, all hope is lot for you. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Here is the list of the most used passwords in 2015. The 25 most-used passwords (change from 2014) 1. 123456 (unchanged) 2. password (unchanged) 3. 12345678 (up 1) 4. […]

VIDEO. How to survive a Workplace Shooting

VIDEO. How to survive a Workplace Shooting

Shootings are more and more common in America. INSIDE EDITION asked safety expert Bill Stanton to show how can reduce the risk of being killed in such situation. Here are his Life-saving tips :

Scarlett Johansson

PHOTOS. Movie stars as pinups

Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson and co posed over the course of the past few years, as old-timey pinups. And for your eyes only, here is a compilation:

VIDEO. Donald Trump attacked by an eagle during a photoshoot

VIDEO. Donald Trump attacked by an eagle during a photoshoot

Donald Trump is not the person of the year. This « award », given each year by Time Magazine, belongs to Angela Merkel for 2015. But Donaldo Trump really thought he had it. He posed a few weeks ago for a photoshoot for the Magazine, with… an eagle. That wasn’t so happy to spend the day with […]

VIDEO. Eagles of Death Metal make emotional return to Paris

VIDEO. Eagles of Death Metal make emotional return to Paris

Eagles of Death Metal, the band that was playing when terrorists killed 100 people in the Bataclan, returned to the site on tuesday. watch the video below: The day before, they joined U2 onstage to sing two songs, just three weeks after the attacks.  

VIDEO. Chinese artist made a brick... with Beijing polluted air

VIDEO. Chinese artist made a brick… with Beijing polluted air

Beijing in one of the most polluted city in the world. Small Particles invade your lungs by millions each day. And one Chinese artist proved it. He spent 100 days walking the streets of Beijing with a vacuum cleaner, and has made a brick from the city’s polluted air. Pretty scary right ?

VIDEO. What if people were doing cat things

Cats can be weird, sometimes. Most of the time. What if humans reproduced their weird behavior and filmed the whole thing ? Well guess what. Some people did

Stars without makeup

PHOTO. Stars without makeup

Famous people are just like you. they’re just better at hiding it. Here is a proof that without makeup, they’re just normal people. We told you all along…

Dave Grohl played with the Muppets

VIDEO. Dave Grohl played with the Muppets

Dave Grohl finally found a fitting band. After two failed band (you know, Nirvana and Foo something), the singer-songwriter-drummer got help from The Muppets to sing a little tune called Learn To Fly. This song has potential…

PHOTOS. Pirelli calendar 2016 is not what it used to be

Annie Leibovitz was hired to give a new beginning to the famous naked women calendar. Like Batman Begins, this year, it’s Pirelly begins. The photographer hired famous women to pose for her, and it’s not exactly what you expect from the highly popular calendar. « I started to think about the roles that women play, women […]

PHOTOS. New York subway, from 1900 to now

The New York City subway has changed a lot in the past 100 years. Once filled with graffitis, it’s now clean and over crowded. But that wasn’t always the case. 1900 1910 1935, times change 1943 1962 : a bar inside ! 1966: modern times 1970ssss 80’s 1990s And now… All the pics@Buzzfeed  

VIDEO. After 44 years in prison, this guy is lost in the new world

Otis Johnson, a 69 year old man, went to jail at the age of 25. He got out few months ago, and discovered a different world : from the 70s until the 2010, the world has changed drastically. But the man enjoys simple things. Like the sun, the air, and just being able to do […]

PHOTO. Are you smarter than everyone else ?

You always though you were smarter, brighter, more intelligent then your friends, family and basically, the world ? Here are a few clues to finally get your proof:

eagles Of Death Metal

VIDEO. Eagles of Death Metal share their tragic night in Paris

Members of the Eagles of Death Metal band talked to Vice about what happened in Paris, where more then 130 people have been killed by terrorists. For the first time, they explain what happened that night in the Bataclan venue. The horror, the blood, the screams. Watch the video below:

VIDEO. This is how your favorite pet sees the world

Ever wondered what your cat, dog, crocodile ou dragon sees the world ? Don’t look anywhere else, this is here

PHOTOS. Classical paintings updated

There’s no denying that we live in weird times. Especially for people in old paitings. What is Jesus has shopped at Walmart, gave food and drinks from Mcdonald’s ? Here are some updated paintings :