A viral vidéo has been circulating on the interwebs lately. A guy on a motorcycle films a cyclist girl being insulted by a man at red lights. « You on your period », says the driver.

The girl then follows the van and manages to break the rear-view mirror. But it might be a fake.

A builder who witnessed the set up told The Sun: “I was across the road having a break and I saw this very attractive girl with a bike talking to a blonde guy who was giving her instructions ».

« Then three guys dressed in orange site clothes turned up in a van and the blonde bloke was giving them instructions too. He was telling the girl: ‘You need to ride behind the van aggressively’.”

The company that bought the video admit it might be fake : “We’ve never worked with them before. As a company we’ve known them for a few years but never really licensed videos from them.”

Fake or not, that kinda thing happens everyday for women.